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Miracle Reports

DateTitleLink to Full Report
July/August 2023Multiple Healings, Arm Healed, Hand HealedJuly/August 2023 Report
January 2023Shoulder Healed, Hand Healed, Voice Restored, Back Pain HealedJanuary 2023 Report
December 2022Eyes Healed, High Blood Pressure Healed, Heart HealedDecember 2022 Report
April/May 2022Supernatural Healing, The Power of God, Life RestoredApril/May 2022 Report
February/March 2022Miraculous Healing, Purse Recovered, Sciatic Pain HealedFeb/Mar 2022 Report
January 2022Miraculous Healing, Touched by Jesus, Healing in the BodyJan 2022 Report
Nov/Dec 2021Miraculous Healing, Eye Healed, Restored StrengthNov/Dec 2021 Report
Sept/Oct 2021Double Blessing, Breathing Healed, Joints HealedSept/Oct 2021 Report
July/August 2021Supernatural Healing, Perfectly Healed, A Healthy Heart July/Aug 2021 Report
June 2021Supernatural Healing, Perfect Results, Supernatural ProvisionJune 2021 Report
May 2021Insurance Breakthrough, Double Blessing, Supernatural ProvisionMay 2021 Report
April 2021Tumors Healed, Hernia Healed, Stomach Spasms Healed, Supernatural HealingApril 2021 Report
March 2021Glaucoma Healed, Toothache Healed, Lower Back Healed, Supernatural Healing & ProtectionMarch 2021 Report
Jan/Feb 2021Financial Freedom, Carpal tunnel Healed, Saved from DeathJan/Feb 2021 Report
November/ December 2020Arm Healed, Cancer Healed, Double Blessing, Spirit of JoyNov/Dec 2020 Report
October 2020Supernatural Healings, Stomach Cancer Healed, Double Blessing, Congested Nose, Cleared Up! Oct 2020 Report
Aug/Sept 2020Healed from Cancer, Healed from COVID, Supernatural RemissionAug/Sept 2020 Report
June/July 2020Supernatural Finances, Financial Blessing, Supernatural Protection, Eye Floaters GoneJune/July 2020 Report
April 2020Skin Tag Gone, Healed with Singing, Foot Protected, Tear Duct HealedApril 2020 Report
Jan/Feb 2020Concussion Healed, Hip Replacement, Peace from Heaven, Miraculous Healing, Influenza HealedJan/Feb 2020 Report
Fall 2019Eyes Healed, Joy and Peace Restored, Spiritual Warfare, Money Restored, Tendinitis HealedFall 2019 Report
August 2019Heavenly Healing, Emotional Breakthrough, Kidney Stones Gone, Triple HealingAug 2019 Report
June 2019Miracle Healing, Financial Provision, Closed Ear Opened, Miraculous BreakthroughJune 2019 Report
May 2019Eyes Healed, Problem Solved, Dizziness Gone, God's Faithfulness, Supernatural HealingMay 2019 Report
April 2019Love in Action, Finding Forgiveness, Legs Restored, Paycheck RestoredApr 2019 Report
March 2019Highway Safety, Cough Healed, Back Healed, New Heart, Sunglasses FoundMar 2019 Report
February 2019Revised Test Results, Family Reconciled, Family Strife Gone, Job RestoredFeb 2019 Report
January 2019New Birth/Healing, Sore Throat Healed, Persistence Pays Off, Supernatural Healing, Body Pain GoneJan 2019 Report
December 2018Home Saved, Cancer Gone, Miracle Appointment, Shoulders HealedDec 2018 Report
November 2018Creative Miracle, Healed Heart, Healed from Colon Cancer, Bladder HealedJan 2018 Report
October 2018Financial Miracle, Cancer Healed, Stiff Knee Healed, Sinus Issues Healed, Saved from Death, Breast Cancer HealedOct 2018 Report
September 2018Enlarged Heart, Womb Healed, Tailbone, Respiratory Healing, Back Pain Healed, Mental Healing, New Job, Pain-Free Root CanalSep 2018 Report
August 2018Prostate Cancer GONE, Plantar Fasciitis Healed, Divine Protection, Child-Like Faith, Chronic Diseases HealedAug 2018 Report
July 2018Dry Womb Restored, Throat Cancer Healed, Knee Pain Gone, SalvationJuly 2018 Report
June 2018Favor at Its Best, Debt Paid, Cracked Bone Healed, Check Found, Vision Restored, A Word from The LordJune 2018 Report
May 2018Successful Surgery, Healing from Kidney Failure, Healing of Colon Cancer, Healing of Closed EarsMay 2018 Report
April 2018Healing of Back Pain, Healing from Arthritis, Receiving Blessings, Healing of Kidney StonesApr 2018 Report
March 2018No Rain/New Brakes, Healing from Arm Pain, Healing of Stomach Pain/Weakness, Healing from Stomach Cysts, Home Sold in God's TimingMar 2018 Report
February 2018Stomach Cancer, Kidney Failure and Pneumonia, Financial Miracle, Healing from Colon and Breast CancerFeb 2018 Report
January 2018Cancer in Female Organs, Breast Cancer, Healing of Menstrual CrampsJan 2018 Report
December 2017Baby Boy, Financial Blessings, Its a Girl, Promotion/Bonus, Vehicle BlessingDec 2017 Report
November 2017Healing of the Mind, Tornado Commanded to Lift, Melanoma Gone, Double MiracleNov 2017 Report
October 2017Hair Growth, Nosebleed, Growing Belly Tumor, Ringing in EarOct 2017 Report
February 2017Inflammatory Bowel Disease Healed, Abdominal Hernia Shrunk, Hand Pain Gone, Breathing Issues Ceased, Intestinal Cancer GoneFeb 2017 Report
January 2017Toes Healed, Arthritis Gone, Neuropathy Cured, Promotion GrantedJan 2017 Report
December 2016Stomach, Pain & Stiffness, Esophagus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Foot FractureDec 2016 Report
November 2016Court Case, Lost & Found, Breast Cancer, Prostate CancerNov 2016 Report
October 2016Cancer, Stomach, Kidney, Neck & Cholesterol, Open Door, TreeOct 2016 Report
September 2016High Paying Job, Skin Burning, Brand New Car, Blood Infection, NeckSep 2016 Report
August 2016House/Heels/Asthma, Pneumonia, Back/Arm/Neck, Heart, Good ReportsAug 2016 Report
July 2016Cancer, Neck & Shoulder, Anxiety, Education, Good Report, Blood ClotsJuly 2016 Report
June 2016Closing Trachea, Skin Cancer, Safe Travel, Weather, Finances, RevelationJune 2016 Report
May 2016Clogged Artery, Spine/Leg, Spine, Lump, Tumors, CartilageMay 2016 Report
April 2016Stomach Pain, Legs Healed, Diabetes, Leg Healed, Carpal Tunnel, Arm Grows OutApr 2016 Report
March 2016Tumor, Baby's Heart Condition, Ankle Healed, Job, Dentist, Public SpeakingMar 2016 Report
February 2016Back Pain, Finances, Hair Loss, New Car, Swollen Legs, Complaining, BlessingFeb 2016 Report
January 2016Miracles by the Bundle!, Emotions, Bronchitis, Heart's Desire, Perfume!Jan 2016 Report

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