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Pastor Teddy Santos

Co-Pastor Marcia Santos

As the eldest son of Pastor Paul and Co-Pastor Marcia Santos, Helede F. Santos (better known as Teddy), was anointed with oil as an Elder of Baltimore Christian Faith Center in 2014, where he has faithfully served through teaching, leading, as well as supporting Pastor and Co-Pastor with business matters of the church, as he was being prepared for the role of Pastor.

Although Teddy never believed he would be moving into this role so soon, it was always Pastor Paul's wish that his son would someday follow his same journey.  After Pastor Paul went Home to the Lord in February, 2019, Teddy graciously assumed responsibility.  Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Teddy continues leading BCFC through its mission of preaching, teaching, spreading God's Word, and praying for the sick for  healing and miracles.

Pastor Teddy understands the importance of this role, not only to the family of believers at Baltimore Christian Faith Center and the greater community beyond these walls, but most importantly to the Lord, Jesus Christ, to Whom he ultimately serves.

Pastor Teddy is married to Marlene Santos. They welcomed their first child in the summer of 2019.

Co-Pastor Marcia Santos was married to Pastor Paul Santos in 1980.  Co-Pastor Marcia was a Child Evangelist Fellowship graduate.  She is an intercessor and has led large intercessory ministries in each church she and Pastor Paul have planted over the years. The intercessory ministry is tenderly called “Women of God Fellowship.”  

They moved to Baltimore, Maryland in the winter of 1998, planted Friends Forever Ministry and trained leaders to run the ministry.  Today, the church is known as the Church at Baltimore.

The Santos’ served as missionaries and planted many churches throughout the world.  After planting churches for almost 30 years, the Lord gave Pastor Paul a new assignment after the passing of BCFC's Founder, Pastor John McCall.  Pastor Paul was commissioned to strengthen the already established body of believers of Baltimore Christian Faith Center, where miracles continue to happen today.

Co-Pastor Marcia, with Pastor Paul, have four adult children and twelve grandchildren.

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