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At Baltimore Christian Faith Center, we are blessed to be able to sponsor many world-renowned guest ministers, prophets, evangelists and musicians to preach, teach and be used to share

God's wonders and miracles at our church!

All are ALWAYS welcome in God's House on Miracle Hill...that's Baltimore Christian Faith Center.  Admission is free and will be shared through our many outreach resources including social media, local and national advertising and here on our own website.  Our mobile app is also a great resource to remain up-to-the-minute up-to-date with all that is going on with Batlimore Christian Faith Center.  Be sure to see more about our mobile app here:

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Please join us to be blessed by these mighty men and women of God and be sure to check back regularly as our schedule is constantly updated!

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Joan ministers the Gospel with manifestations of supernatural signs and wonders in healing school sessions, miracle services, conferences, and churches around the world. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, Joan speaks prophetically in the services, releasing personal and corporate prophetic ministry to those in attendance.

Join us for this special TWO-Service event!  All are welcome in God's House on Miracle Hill so bring some friends!

Since 1969, Dr. Savelle has been traveling the world teaching people how to win in life. Dr. Savelle has ministered in more than three thousand churches in twenty-six nations, and has overseas offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Tanzania, Africa.

God has used Dr. Savelle to impact people who are burned out on religion and who have backslidden in their walk with God, as well as Christians who have a need to hear the Word of God presented in terms applicable to their lives, dreams, and destinies. He is the host of the Jerry Savelle Ministries television broadcast which airs in two hundred countries worldwide.

Join us for this one-service-only event which promises to be an amazing blessing to all!

As a Bible teaching, international speaker, author, pastor, and founder of Saving Moses, Sarah's love for the Bible was birthed at an early age by her parents, Wallace and Marilyn Hickey.

Sarah, together with her mother, Marilyn Hickey co-host a daily television program that reaches a potential audience of 2.2 billion households worldwide. We are always incredibly blessed when Pr. Sarah joins us. Her conversational teaching style and her ability to make everyone feel like her dearest friend, makes Sarah a joy to be around and learn from.

Join us for ALL THREE services!

Dr. Ron Charles was born on August 9, 1949 in Kilgore, Tx and raised in a pastor's home. Ron went to university and, as many pastor's kids, he strayed from God but soon turned around and started his walk with Christ.  He met Paula in 1971 and they were married and have 2 sons. They are also grandparents of 2 grandsons, which bring them great joy.

In the 1980's, while working as a structural engineer, Dr. Charles looked outside his office and saw a lost world. He began pastoring, building churches and ministries in Ohio and then Georgia for a total of 14 years until the Lord showed him his true calling in Missions.  His vision is to spread the Gospel to the world, especially the Muslin World.

Among some of Dr. Charles' achievements over the years include:

· Member of the team that investigated what was believed to be Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat in turkey. “The Incredible Search for Noah's Ark” documentary aired on Discover Channel, National Geographic and PBS.

· Recognized as one of the “One Thousand Great Americans” by Cambridge University

· Visited over 60 countries, led archeological investigations and historical tours in 11 countries. Provided humanitarian aid in nine countries.

· CEO of The Cubit Foundation

· Host of “THE CHASE” airing on Israel TV Network

· Published author of several notable books available on