Baltimore Christian Faith Center

a place where miracles still happen

Reverend John and Mrs. Ritchie McCall

John Wesley McCall, Founder

1927 - 2009

Rev. John McCall was a humble vessel who flowed in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. He ministered nationally and internationally as the Lord directed. He spent his life fulfilling the Great Commission, helping people to believe in God, and introducing them to Jesus so that none would perish. The Lord had anointed him with a healing ministry that had reached around the world.

Brother McCall was born in 1927 and born again in 1970, filled with the Holy Spirit and later ordained as a minister of the Gospel. He founded Baltimore Christian Faith Center and was it's senior pastor until his passing on January 15, 2009.

Rev. McCall was under the anointing, teaching and served in the “Helps Ministry” of Kathryn Kuhlman for five years. After Sister Kuhlman went to be with the Lord, the Lord commissioned Brother John to bring His lost sheep into the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and to lay hands on the sick. Brother John went to the streets of Baltimore knocking on doors and ringing doorbells asking people. “Do you need a miracle?” The Holy Spirit moved mightily as people received their salvation and any needed miracle. The Holy Spirit brought forth many signs and wonders as the Word was taught. This was the beginning of Baltimore Christian Faith Center where people get healed in spirit, soul and body either in the parking lot, or at the door, or in their seat or during prayer. People without hope have received miracles from God. Brother McCall expected all to be healed by the Hand of the Lord at every service. Brother John would always say  “Come as a little child in prayer and expect a MIRACLE!!!”

Every service is a healing/miracle service at Baltimore Christian Faith Center. Pastor McCall wanted all to become doers of the Word, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, and seeing miracles follow them.

All Services at BCFC are Miracle Services!

Our Founder